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Police LineThis week in my blog, I’m engaging in lots of civil disobedience. You’ve been warned.

As usual, on a Sunday, some short notes:

– I totally forgot to do this, mainly because I’ve been overwhelmed by the kudos I’ve gotten for my work here, but Joel at SoYouWantToTeach made me the first teacher for his Reader Appreciation Month, so a quick shout-out to you, good sir.

– My new linking policy seems to be working: you link me, I link you, unless I’m not feeling what you’re writing. Then again, I’ve come across some pretty intelligent bloggers / writers around the Internet, so I don’t really reject many links.

Beowulf isn’t just a great CGI movie. It’s a great movie. Go watch … if you’re into blood, guts, mysticism, and nudity. Otherwise, take your time walking there. I love the recreation of the epic poem, and it scared me just how realistic everything appeared. I’m still disappointed they used the same ads from Tomb Raider in this one, but overall, I did like the recreation.

– I still support net neutrality. With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook (thanks for adding me if you already have) and other social networks dominating the Internet scene, it becomes increasingly important that not only do we have an unbiased playing field, but we also have the ability to access any information we want without being redirected to the Internet providers’ options first.

– Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Sean Bell, a young and unarmed man who was shot and killed brutally by the NYPD after his bachelor party. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a criminal case in court, and really, there’s no justice served here yet. I’m still waiting for justice for Amadou Diallo (the benchmark for all brutality cases unfortunately), Jayson Tirado, Timothy Stansbury, and even Malcolm Ferguson. When the government of any area creates a hostile environment, they can’t expect the people to just sit there idly. Therefore, people should must will protest.

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  1. Hi Jose,

    Appreciate you linking my page. More than that though is the fact that you were active in the process; you took the time to stop by, read and comment. It means alot and I respect that.

    One last thing: it’s a beautiful, incredible thing to be a teacher. Keep up the good work!

  2. Not only is there nothing being done about Sean Bell, there is othing in the news anymore about that cop that killed the guy (I forgot his name) because of road rage.

    I try to tell my students all the time to be careful and use Sean as an example. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, just a guy in the wrong place. It’s hard not sounding like a racist when I try to warn my kids about the bigoted and short sighted society we live in but, I take the chance to try to keep them safe.

  3. Post

    The name is Jayson Tirado, and I just linked to the blog I wrote about him exclusively there. You’re not a racist when you’re just pointing out the facts. After all, the off-duty police officer who shot him was Black. It’s good to have those conversations with your kids, though my kids are unfortunately not mature enough to handle that. Yet.

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