Short Notes: Another Check and Balance for President Obama

Jose Vilson Short Notes

President Barack Obama

Short Notes are back! These are some pieces I’ve been reading throughout last week. Enjoy!

A few notes:

  • Some notes on President Barack Obama’s first term as president, assuming there’s a second. [TruthOut]
  • Wear Red on Tuesday, for teachers in Chicago. I know I will. [Chicago Teachers Union]
  • Most trolls I know happen to be men, and when men attack women online, they can be particularly hostile. Let’s cut it out. [Pandagon / Raw Story]
  • Girls Who Code graduate its first class. Right on. [GOOD]
  • If you’re still wondering how to build an audience, Larry Ferlazzo, the master, will teach you how. [Larry Ferlazzo]
  • Important read about Barack Obama, especially after the Democratic National Convention 2012. [The Atlantic]


“I truly feel that leaders need the check and balance their constituents can provide. Obama is one man. It is our responsibility to take our heads out of the sand and help him “create the change we can believe in” while moving “forward.” And Chicago Teacher Union President Karen Lewis and the activist community in Chicago are doing just that.”

– Ceresta Smith