Short Notes: Dirty Little Secrets

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

1. I spotted a couple of gems online that I’d like to share with some of you:

2. Yesterday, I went on a photo shoot with my boy Jon Serrano, an up and coming artist extraordinaire. This year’s going to be fun. He’s got some serious projects in the works, and I’m a part of that.

3. It’s a wonderful Sunday, so I need to hit that gym early. I’m already seeing a little progress, but I still need to work harder to get to my target weight. I’m trying to lose that Bygbaby weight.

4. Speaking of which, I’ve already done Crazy 8s, and Lucky 7s, so I’ve been tagged to do the Sick 6s. With no further adieu …

  • Georgetown was my first choice for college because one of my teachers went there, but also because Patrick Ewing went there. Syracuse, its rival school in the Big East, became my #1 choice junior year of high school, after I came to my senses. Consequently, I’m happy with the decision I made going there.
  • I clean my room thoroughly maybe 13 times out of the year.
  • My Google Reader has sufficiently calmed down my OCD habits of checking people’s blogs for updates and responses to comments. I’ve also begged asked people to fix their RSS capabilities (Bam, .chanel) or enhance them (The Unapologetic Mexican) so I don’t get tempted to regress. Big shout-out to Dan by the way for asking me to go full monty on the RSS feeds. Most of you seem to prefer that.
  • I lesson plan the morning of, though I usually know a few days before what I’ll be teaching and how I’ll teach it. For the last week, though, I’ve been lesson planning early. Maybe it’s because I get more sleep nowadays.
  • I got comebacks for every diss my kids serve to me, but I try not to cross over the “mama” line … except once. The kid in question said, “Mr. V, you’re not a G, you’re an H, like a herb! HA! You get no girls. In response, I said, “If that’s so, then why is it that when I call your mom, she always picks up?” He ran out of the room in shame and never crossed the line with me again, and whenever someone else tries to diss me, everyone tries to stop the person. Like I told another one of my kids, “I would care, but I got an icebox where my heart used to be.”
  • I’m a terrible procrastinator, and I’ve left assignments undone.
  • BONUS: I have a rap recording out there somewhere in the world. Good luck finding it.

I’m done. Like I said, I’m off to the gym.

jose, who loves carnivals that read like narratives

p.s. – This week, I got some serious heat for you all.

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