Short Notes: Everything I’ve Seen Made Me Everything I Am

Jose Vilson Short Notes

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

A few notes:

  • I can finally announce: I’ll be one of American Latino TV’s guests next weekend! Yes, I’ll be appearing all across the states. Check these listings to see if it’s playing in your area. In NYC, it’s playing on April 5th at 3:00pm on My 9. Yes, I’m really excited, and it’s my first interview on TV. Let me know what you think after you’ve watched (yes, there will be constant reminders). (American Latino TV)
  • Speaking of interviews, the Villager asked me to do one for Electronic Village. Some of my latest subscribers came from there, so big ups to the Villager. (Let him know what you think about the interview, please). (Electronic Village)
  • Sometimes, students’ entitlement to a good grade becomes controversy in and of itself. A little humility please? (New York Times)
  • In retrospect, was Eliot Spitzer that bad? Apparently so for AIG, as some say AIG was responsible for knocking him out of office. (AlterNet)
  • Facebook, don’t acquiesce your direction too much for your users. Please. (Washington Post)
  • Tiger Woods just made the whole world eat it … again. (ESPN)
  • And this, well it just broke my heart. (dy/dan)

This week, I’m starting a series about the pre-story of my students. I’m digging in deep.

Jose, who contemplating the genesis of a nemesis …