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I caught V for Vendetta last night. Wow. Made me want to tear things down. Imagine this: Mr. V for Vendetta (hahah). Because I need a more evil reputation. Bwahaha …

Got a few interesting posts this weekend, including about immigration and the role of the father. Should be good, honest, especially in light of the late Bernie Mac and, maybe less so, Isaac Hayes.

You really think I went to the Dominican Republic Parade? Really? REALLY?! You know better than that..

I love when people cast doubt on any projects I undertake. When I bought my own .com a few years ago, everyone was getting on Blogspot and other free web spaces. Now, after the Internet trolling and the flagging of certain activists’ websites, people are seeing the importance of having a .com. I was on Facebook back in ’04 when MySpace was just starting up. Again, people laughed because they thought it was too plain looking. Now, everyone’s up on it trying to look like they’ve been on it forever. They doubted my blogging a few years ago, too, calling it “diary” keeping, and not lacking substance, and now everyone’s gotta have one.

Not that I’m boasting, but I like to be either right ahead of a trend or so far behind that it’s like new when it gets to me. With that said, I need your help. No really, I do. If you have any suggestions for the jlv, leave them in the comment box. Wait, as a matter of fact, please click here:

I’m upgrading, updating, and cleaning up. Click around, look around, and observe. Smell it, taste it, and feel it out. If you have any suggestions, ideas, anything you like, dislike, etc., leave it in the comment box. Because this next upgrade, I assure you should be the dopest. But I encourage all your feedback. Thanks.

jose, who is always searching for new avenues for improvement …

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  1. It’s funny you speak on this, after the conversations we shared yesterday, I was thinking about the same thing. It’s not really to feel like you were FIRST at doing something and now it seems everyone on the bandwagon is doing it but hey you wre first (or in my mind, I was first, lol).

    2004 – I hopped on MySpace when jst label reps, artist and white ppl were on there; I knew nothing about FB back then but when I did find out I it was for college students only. In 2006 everyone jumped on the MySpace bandwagon after telling me it was a waste of my time, lol. Same w/ Gmail – in 2004 I was invited and that was when you could only get invites. I will admit to sleeping on Gmail due to my having Hotmail for so long. But after becoming sick and not able to check Hotmail for 30days I lost everything, got pissed and rolled w/ Gmail, lol.

    As far as the blogs go, I started on ( in 2005, just blogging about my life and all of my friends “tuned in” and from there my erotcia writing started. It started out as a joke and once posting it on MySpace strangers started adding me which caused me to make another page (I hate adding strangers) and the whole page is filled w/ supporters of my work.

    My work on MySpace postings lead to 2 magazines interested in me and I became an Editor for one. Upon making the Magazine ( hot, I started a blogspot that focused fashion, urban lifestyle, entertainment and gossip. I did about 15 postings a day, networking with all types of ppl and it became like an online magazine, until one gossip post got back to an Artist (whom I loved but reported something funny) read it and refused to do an interview; happened to be RL of NEXT. I sought him out, apologized and we have been the best of pals since – like tight Ninjas. I didn’t like the feeling so I removed gossip from the blog and kept it entertainment.

    My point for all of that above is, Im reading how ppl say they have been blogging for a yr and/or hitting the 100 mark and Im like “damn, that was me over 3 yrs ago”. Im not saying I started it, but man its just crazy to see the Necole Bitchies and J Dakars out there now. I used to walk in every club in Houston and I was known as “CaT, the Swagger Magazine blogger” and this is without our published magazine printed yet.

    I utilized MySpace and Blogspot to open doors that I probably have taken for granted and let go. At least I know the old fashion way of getting it if I wanted it again. I commend the new players in the game and sit back with a smile knowing I helped pave the way when ppl didnt understand me.

    The same way Radio Stations and Labels aren’t listening to me about Twitter is how others did in 04/05. Tragic!

    (sorry its so long, lol..Im a blogger) OHH, let me also say I hate some of these wanna be bloggers now tho – blogging is a craft, some of these people have NO idea how to WRITE an are literally just rambling on. Having the craft of writing is what makes your blog stand out and keeps ppl interested, keeping it personal and fun are other tips. TyPiNG LiKe THiS iSNT CooL eiTHeR..LOL

    – CaT

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