Short Notes: Hotter Than The Devil’s Living Room

Jose Vilson Short Notes

Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun

A few notes:

  • Those of you not familiar with Seth Godin’s work can still appreciate the reason why he doesn’t use Twitter. Especially those of us who consider ourselves leaders in our niche. I use Twitter, but this definitely gave me food for thought. [Posterous]
  • Just because you’re intelligent doesn’t mean you can’t die in really dumb ways. Here’s ten. [I Heart Chaos]
  • The. Best. Video. I’ve. Seen. All. Year. Here’s how animation can transcend reality. [Vimeo]
  • This is how education and qualifications are all about keeping people out of the middle class professions. [Donald Clark Plan B]
  • As if you needed this reaffirmation, look at where charter schools are popping up. Fascinating considering Blacks and Latinos also live in those very neighborhoods. [JD2718]
  • From the Huffington Post, a story about a female soldier who refused to torture … and then killed herself a few days later. You come up with your own conclusions. [HuffPo]
  • As usual, NYC Educator and Reality-Based Educator go hard. This time, educrats are the target. Please take a good read at this one. [NYC Educator]
  • And last but not least, here’s a little controversy: a new book by a Mexican-American historian explains how Nazi Germany was inspired by America’s treatment of Mexican immigrants in a new book. Read more here. [The First Post]

Have a beautiful Sunday and … hopefully you weren’t all inside today. Wrong day to do so.

Jose, who’s getting the hang of this blogging thing … whatever that may be.