Short Notes: I Wish You Insight So You Can See For Yourself

Jose Vilson Jose

A few links:

  • The funniest satirical post I’ve read techwise in a long while. Steve Jobs goes hard at AT&T. [The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs]
  • Matt Taibbi just dissects arguments at the bit. This time, he replies to the mainstream media’s arguments regarding Taibbi’s piece about Obama staffers. [True/Slant]
  • There’s something so fresh about this video entitled “Street Poets.” Thanks, Kevin Jarrett. []
  • Reality-Based Educator, an insightful blogger who I was first introduced to via NYC Educator, is back with a new blog entitled Perdido Street School. [Perdido Street School]

I have a terrible confession for those of you who consider themselves my friends: I wish you the absolute best. When prompted by any one of my friends regarding their futures, I want nothing more than absolute, ridiculous successes and fortunes for those persons, whatever that means for them. If you’re a friend whose aspirations I know too well, I’ll even go far enough to hedge my bets on those fortunes and tell the world just how big I think you are. I know poet friends who I’ve proclaimed as the next “big feature” even when they’re just trying to be lowkey for the night, educators whose credentials I’ll inflate in hopes that they’ll see themselves as the national vanguards I believe they can be, and anonymous bloggers who’ve inspired me to write and thusly wish they’d come out of their shells and own it with their given names.

A part of that is simple selfishness: I’ve learned that someone can define you by the people you surround yourself with, and if I think everyone around me is awesome, then that makes me pretty awesome, too. Having said that, I don’t wish those outside of my circle malice or ill will. I used to do that in an earlier age and my Aquarian nature only made me hold onto them hoping they’d reconsider their ways. Now I have no qualms about letting people go; everyone has to come to a solution that works for them. I can only wish them the best in their endeavors and what they do.

A bigger part of it is that I love watching people I know and care about do their absolute best, regardless of whether I was a part of it or not. Most of the people I consider part of my circle reflect and revise constantly, while holding steadfast to their greatest ideals. They’re the people who inspire me to continue my work, even when the work causes hair loss and bouts with Coronas and Blue Moons. How can I not ask those of you in my circle to kick as much ass as possible?

Maybe you can take this insight so you can see it for yourself …

Jose, who has a huge vision for the future …