Short Notes: “If This Is A Problem, Get The F**k Out Of The Classroom”

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

  • Michael Doyle: “If you want to teach children, you have to know them. If this is a problem, get the f**k out of the classroom.” [Science teacher]
  • Elianne Ramos (of LATISM fame) is nominated for Yahoo!’s “Women Who Shine.” Go vote. [Yahoo!]
  • Big Daddy Kane joins Jay-Z at the Barclays Center. As I said, “Amazeballs.” [Rap Radar]
  • Kids in a NYC public school were stuck watching Shrek instead of, say, learning in a classroom. Ben Chapman investigates. [NY Daily News]
  • Josmar Trujillo (full disclosure: classmate at Xavier High School in NYC) believes every parent is fighting for the same thing. Good read. Check the comments, too. [SchoolBook]
  • Obama makes finding money for charters easy. Not so much for public schools. [US Department of Education]


“Convincing people to vote takes more than saying “people died for you to vote.” The masses are smart enough to see the cracks in the hull.”

– Talib Kweli