Short Notes: I’m Past Bluffing

Jose Vilson Jose

A few notes:

1. Keith Olbermann just told President Bush to shut the hell up on national TV (watch the video). Say what you will about Keith, but that’s commendable.

2. Bin Laden’s going to drop another tape. I call it BS, and BS by any other name … is actually still BS.

3. What were John McCain and George W. Bush doing during Hurricane Katrina? Was it

a. going straight to the New Orleans and helping with the victims like Al Gore?
b. informing the nation of this terrible tragedy on national television?
c. writing up legislature to provide immediate relief to the areas affected?
d. cutting a cake?

Mole333 at The Culture Kitchen has your answer.

4. Web site releases are becoming a lot like album releases: sometimes you need to push back the date of your website release because someone else might sell better on your date. I’m glad I already pushed my date back so J. Dakar didn’t blow me out of the water. Check his site out.

5. When Mr. Wasserman first said he was going to add me to his class’ syllabus, I was a little stunned and surprised. But then I noticed that really did add me to his class syllabus via his class’ wiki. That and the recent success of my Ma’afa / Holocaust post (2000 hits in 2 weeks!) really keeps me inspired to write. (By the way, sir, you’re linked on my sidebar.)

6. Shout-outs to the folks at Instructify for the latest edition of the Carnival of Education.

jose, who feels a little sore from my latest workout …