Short Notes: La Travesia (The Crossing)

Jose Vilson Short Notes

Juan Luis Guerra

A few notes:

I hope the Juan Luis Guerra series convinced 1/2 of you to expand your horizons and download a couple of dudes’ tracks. If not, I need to do another series.

5 projects in the queue, none down.

August 15 re-release of the jlv? Excellent.

Wall-E is a must-see movie. Great date movie. Overall, good story.

My cousin Erick’s movie kicked ass at the NY Latino Film Festival. Well received. El Cazador de Venganza’s trailer is here. I’m sure there’ll be more information posted soon about it.

John Kruk and Steve Phillips remind me of the degeneration of baseball. Peter Gammons and Buster Olney remind me why I loved baseball to begin with.

Hill Harper’s following me on Twitter and Nezua of The Unapologetic Mexican added me on his blogroll. Have I arrived? Maybe so.

I love meeting new people in my social networks and even developing older ones, too.

I’m rescinding any inclinations to truly endorse Barack Obama until I actually hear his educational platform. His actions (i.e. appointments to committees) scream louder than any speech he could make.

I hate when people make calls to educate oneself and act like they’re high and mighty, but immediately contradict themselves. Case in point. Also, shout-out to Sassy for linking me.

People say they care about educators, but it’s all lip service. I’m pro-union; take it how you want to.

This has been the best two weeks I’ve had in years. Too bad my lady is leaving to an even more distant country (her mother’s country of origin) for 16 days. She looked wonderful tonight. I’ll miss her.

jose, who wants to do a virtual vernissage for the august 15th release, at the behest of one tracy rosen