Short Notes: No, For Real This Time

Jose Vilson Jose

Big Daddy Kane

The long awaited funeral is today.

Howl: The Jose Vilson version extended to Thursday. More people want in. If you do, just click and follow.

Finally resolved my certification issues, and I got my diploma last week. This roller coaster of emotions has to come to a stop soon, and that will be in …

Dominican Republic. Yeah, my fam’s going on vacation there from Saturday until next month. Hope it’s fun.

No worries, even with limited Internet access, if you know anything about me, you know I’ll have communication with the mainland.

I recently blogged on Xanga. Nothing too serious. Just to let people know I was still alive and reading their posts. Someone wrote a little something about bloggers who left, reminiscent of “Where Are They Now?” Made me feel really old school. Then I hop on a subtle track like Biz Markie or Slick Rick in Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” or Big Daddy Kane in Busta Rhymes’Don’t Touch Me (remix)“. Or some other grandiose feature that we wouldn’t expect. Man, I love hip-hop references.

My long-awaited school year reflection comes this Tuesday. If you know how I write reflections, then you know what I’m up to.

I finally figured it out while eating lunch with Andy one day: Spongebob Squarepants is intentionally written to mock our own intelligence. It’s supposed to be as stupid as possible, and it keeps even the smartest of us watching because of its utter absurdity. That’s why I’m watching now.

I respect most of the bloggers I read consistently, but there are 3 ways you can lose me as a reader:

1) Don’t give props to the person you got a story / idea from.
2) Write a 20-paragraph post, but be neither informative nor relevant.
3) Diss the Yankees.
3) Act like a child when the situation calls for you to act like an adult.

I have blogs in my G-Reader that often disagree with my vision for education, politics, etc., which is fine, because it’s good natured debate. For people to unequivocally take on the behavior of children makes me question their motives in general.

jose, who has a nice handful of you doing the meme, but definitely wants a good 10 more …

p.s. – Check the sidebar. I finally added a means of people contacting me as they please. Let’s make things happen.