Short Notes: Now Batting, The Educator, #3, Jose Vilson, #3

Jose Vilson Short Notes

RIP, Bob Sheppard

A few notes:

  • John Holland is swimming in the reality of teacher leadership. A must read. [Future of Teaching]
  • Chris Lehmann’s tired of us working from a deficit model when it comes to schools. “How do we fix broken schools?” is less of a question and more of a meme. I’ll let him explain. [Practical Theory]
  • Money can’t buy you happiness, case #8098234. [Yahoo!]
  • Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever. Here’s the art and science of his pitching accompanied by a great feature on him. Very zen-like. [NY Times]
  • Now that we’ve seen the precipitous fall of Avatar the Last Airbender movie, here’s a much better analysis of my feelings about the movie. And yes, I was a huge fan before this calamity. [Floating World]
  • Not that Bill Simmons needs more hits, but this is a well-written article based on the events leading up to the LeBronocalypse. Freakin’ awesome. [ESPN]