Short Notes: Pearson Makes Money, Whether You Like It Or Not

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Chris Rock as Rufus in Dogma on Ideas

Chris Rock as Rufus in Dogma on Ideas

A few notes:

How did we in the teacher unions create MichelleRhee? We were too intransigent, says Merrow. If we only had gone along with the corporate agenda of charter schools, testing everything that breathes, linking student test scores to teacher performance evaluations and doing away with tenure and seniority then we wouldn’t have created MichelleRhee. The weird thing is that I think we did go along with all those things.

Didn’t we?

Fred Klonsky, on John Merrow’s hypothesis that it was partly the unions’ fault Michelle Rhee became so big. As if.


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  1. Excatly Jose, and Pearson makes money off our children wheather we like or not, and the Supreme Court said corperations are people, and money is free speech.
    So Pearson buys influence through campaign contributions wheather we like it or not as well. Judas took 30 peices of silver to betray Christ. I wonder how much our political parties are taking to betray our children?
    Silence and apathy are not acceptable,
    Jesse The Walking Man Turner

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