Short Notes: Please Don’t Stop The Music

Jose Vilson Short Notes

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Reading and reinterpreting a bunch of post-it notes I have in the cavities of my cranium:

1. The Knicks suck, and my kids have no problem reminding me.

2. Reason #1234908084 I don’t believe in charter schools anymore: there needs to be a set of checks and balances on every level of public education, from teachers and students to administrators and government officials. Once that’s lacking, people think they can get away with murder.

3. In times like these, I miss Dave Chappelle. I miss his ability to synthesize and vocalize the fears, hopes, and ideas of underrepresented communities while translating that comically to Whites, which in many ways was a form of seduction on his part.

4. I’m no Tafari, but I’ve been on the fast track to losing some of my heft. According to some of my friends, I’m “nobody’s 250,” but the scale told me differently a few months ago (260 to be exact). After 2 gluttonous holidays, I needed to tip the scales back in my favor. I’ve lost close to 13 lbs. in the last couple of months, so I’m happy, but the more I discover about losing weight while gaining muscle, the more I wish I stayed on track from long ago. For instance, sometimes I’ll have a protein shake for lunch, and the type of brand I choose can be the difference between tasting a delicious vanilla shake and having a pasty plastic yogurt in my hands. Nasty.

5. You know how sometimes you wish you could do something about certain situations and you wish you had the voice to make a change about it? Well, I finally decided to take myself to task on my own promises. I’ll write about this project tomorrow. I was forced into action, so be ready for it.

Oh yeah, and let me link you to some of my favorite posts in the last few weeks:

cero. Bam reminds you to get the hell off the phone, rude ass.

uno. Check my comment in regards to LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen’s latest Vogue cover on Necole Bitchie. Sometimes, the bull in me comes out and thoroughly.

dos. Marisa at Latina Lista discusses China’s latest report on the US’ human rights violations.

tres. LeaderTalk on why teachers leave, with a nifty table and all.

cuatro. Shelly discussed getting “the beats.” And by the beats, I mean the rod, the belt, the sandal, or just bare palm.

cinco. SaintSeester makes the Passion Quilt Meme into an actual virtual quilt. A-mazing, and it gave me ideas for my fellow English teachers to use. I might even incorporate that into math, but that’ll be a little trickier.

That’s all for now, mi gente.

jose, who reminds people that just because I’m not commenting doesn’t mean I’m not reading …