Short Notes: Replete With Blessings

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Peace of Mind ... by Ty Moore

Peace of Mind ... by Ty Moore

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A few weeks ago, I set firm on making sure I upgraded my health. The last time I visited a doctor, he seemed competent until he told me my air conditioner was the reason for my allergies (it wasn’t) and, upon setting up an appointment with me on the phone, said I need to stop smoking (I don’t). That and a crazy bill for what I call a “stepping one’s foot into the hospital” fee implicitly disenchanted me with the health care industry. While signs kept pointing me to not let these little incidents prevent me from staying at full health, I just got disgusted.

Then the pains came. Not just when my cousin died. When I was ready to sleep. When I was getting ready to take the train. On my way to and from work. During work. While I blogged.

All the while, people around me began to fall by the wayside, celebrities and family members alike. Even after my bouts with an extended flu and crazy allergies, I still didn’t visit after all of that. Even the crazy toothache (and eventual pullout) a few months ago, after taking care of that, I decided I’d just ride it out.

Then it happened: Cincinnati Bengals wide receiever Chris Henry and actress Brittany Murphy died.

Usually events like this wouldn’t affect me too much. We’ve become numb to semi-idols dying through various causes. However, their ages alone (26 and 32 respectively) forced me to look myself in the eye and check my ego at the door. No matter how intimidating and insecure the health industry seems, we have to look at our health as paramount to our continued survival.

Finishing my book outline. Redoing my website. Making sure my students graduate. Those other beautiful promises I could see over the horizon of 2010. And the idea that I couldn’t wait until January 1st to make changes in my life. These are the things I would have missed out on if I didn’t take care of these things. So I trooped it over to my new doctor, who did a couple of checks and exams. Then he looks to me and said, “Jose, you just need a peace of mind.”

Alas, Christmas came early. The biggest Christmas gift I got this holiday came in the form of believing once again that things will be alright. Since then, the little pains and aches I had simply went away. My sleep has improved. Even my mind feels less cloudy. Never underestimating the power of pleasant thinking.

I may not be rich, but I am replete with blessings.

And if you’re reading this, the same can probably be said for you. Never forget that.

Jose, who’ll do a year in review post again. You know you love them.