Short Notes: Stupid Is The New Stupid

Jose Vilson Jose

One thing before I continue:

I’ll be featuring tomorrow (May 17th) at Bar 13 in NYC with Gloria Fontanez, Thomas Fucalora, and the main event Martin Espada at 7pm. If you can make it out, that’s be great. I actually get a good 15 minutes to speak out of turn as often as I like.

A few notes:

  • The most incompetent people can be so incredibly confident. David Pescovitz says it’s because they lack the part of the brain that tells them otherwise. Makes sense. [Boing Boing]
  • A rose by any other name would still be sweet. Having said that, Arne Duncan wants to change the name of “No Child Left Behind.” And that’s it. [The Notebook]
  • TMAO comes back for an awesome post over at The Future TeacherLeaders Blog. Just read it. Now. [TeacherLeaders]
  • Whether or not this is real, Ryan Tate’s e-mail exchange with Steve Jobs is a great take on the ideas of open source. [Business Insider]