Short Notes: Summer, We Barely Knew Thee

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A few notes:

I won’t say blogging’s taken a backseat to actual teaching, but I will say that becoming a more effective teaching requires that I put more of my energies into the classroom. This is not a “I quit blogging” speech. This is just a “My schedule’s going to switch up every so often” speech. It’ll still be 3-4 posts a week most weeks nonetheless. Have a good weekend and a great Yom Kippur to my homies.

Jose, who’d just like to see the Yankees keep winning …

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  1. msladydeborah

    Thanks for posting the links Jose. I really liked the video. It confirmed what I have suspected all along. The other links were interesting and informative.

    I was just reminding myself today that it is time to get more than knee deep into the business at hand. Summer is over and the school year has begun.

    I’ll look forward to reading your posts whenver you publish them. Have a great week.

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