Short Notes: The Fix

Jose Vilson Jose

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

A few notes:

  • Still excited to see new and promising teachers e-mail me about the profession. It’s happening almost weekly now, and that’s really gratifying. Hopefully, I’ll continue to advise and mentor more teachers as my writing progresses.
  • If you think telling stock brokers to “jump” out the window after the latest economic debacle is hilarious, raise your hands.
  • Sometimes, bloggers take this Internet freedom business a little too far, too. For instance, threatening a writer using American History X wouldn’t fly with me. Props to Adrian Wojnarowski for steppin’ up to him.
  • No disrespect, but please don’t ask me about that lady in DC who’s trying to clean up schools with a broom on the cover of Time Magazine (Michelle Rhee), at least without reading this.
  • Glad as hell that Kevin’s part of my inner blog circle. He presents a video by Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine in which Jay discusses Obama, and what comes next.
  • I’m G-Sharing still! Read whatever I share through this link.

I think with all the generosity I’ve run into on the web, I thought I’d share some of the magic of my own web development around this blog. As per some of your suggestions, I changed up a few things.

  • The theme is Thesis. If you’re interested, take a look at the awesome customizations and multiple ways of redoing the site.
  • This is an old update, but noteworthy nonetheless: you can subscribe to my site by e-mail. If you prefer it that way, go to my sidebar and sign up.
  • My “Follow Me” links are now images, a visual nugget for those of you visiting me directly.
  • All of my pages linked above, including the “About Jose” are again comment-enabled, like a guestbook. Feel free to be random and absurd there. The fun’s already started.
  • There are no more link categories, so it looks less cluttered by that division.
  • Updated my Twitter so it’s more personal. Everyone’s favorite part of my blog site: 15 or so random images at the top right corner so feel free to keep hitting refresh.
  • Captioned some of my latest images. I finally updated to WP 2.6, so I only recently figured out how to enable the captions. It fits perfectly with the rest of the theme.

If you have any more suggestions you’d like to make, leave it in the comment box, e-mail it, or interact with me through any of the social sites. I’ll respond in kind.

Jose, who needed the break badly, so he could focus on good, solid writing among other things …