Short Notes: The Realest Podcast You’ll Hear All Month (Thanks, Zac Chase)

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bin Laden Shake

bin Laden Shake


A few notes:

  • Zac Chase interviews me on math, wrong answers, and MisEducation of the Negro. Gangsta. [Autodizactic]
  • Umair Haque spit some serious critique about the TED talk genre. Yes, I’ve done a TED talk. This is worth a read, still. [Storify]
  • Daniel Pink does a cool interview with Copyblogger on how he writes. Not every writer has the “writer” posture. [Copyblogger]
  • Kenzo Shibata delves more deeply into the charter school movement and its links to Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. We thought it; he wrote it. [Salon]

Quote of the Week: