Short Notes: This or That, This or That

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

  • I wrote a great post about the difference between professionalism and integrity at the Future Teacher Leaders blog! Check it here. [TLN]
  • Susan Ohanian discusses the Billionaire Boys’ Club of education … and compares it to a similar collective in the time of Vietnam. Great read. [Susan Ohanian]
  • Rick Reilly ponders who’s the greatest Laker of them all. I believe it’s Magic Johnson, too. For now. [ESPN]
  • Kanye West. Need I say more? Fine. His latest song, “Power,” marks another triumphant return and a reminder to everyone who just remembers him from the MTV fiasco that he’s a musical genius. Now listen. [YouTube]
  • HTML5 could sidestep Flash’s flash with efficiency and compatibility. Apple shows why. [Apple]

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