Short Notes: Top 9 Signs I Know I’m Trippin’

Jose Vilson Short Notes



9. The Lakers and the Magic, the #3 and the #10 scoringest teams in the league, only had 30 points in the first quarter of Game 2 in the NBA Finals, the lowest combined score for a quarter in NBA Finals history. Dwight Howard just had his first dunk of the Finals well into the 2nd game of these Finals. Wow.

8. I was waiting for a package from Shanghai, CN, and thought CN meant Canada. I kid you not.

7. Even when I wake up, I couldn’t tell you what my schedule is for the school day until I actually go through school.

6. The Yankees’ closer, Mariano Rivera, of all people, disses his manager. This guy rarely EVER talks. He questioned why Joe Girardi made him walk Evan Longoria, a really good 3rd baseman, in the top of the 9th, and they end up losing the game. He comes back the next day. Same situation. Only a one-point lead. Mariano faces him sraight up … and shuts up his manager in the process. Very few men of this planet can talk junk and back it up. Crazy.

5. Newt Gingrich calls Supreme Court Judge nominee a racist. And Michael Bloomberg, Al Sharpton, and Joel Klein vouch for him as an educational reformer. Is that supposed to be a joke?

4. You can tell a student to zip it and get thrown into court for a five-year battle. You swear I’m playing.

3. My brother asked me who my top 5 greatest NBA players were, and I said, “Bil Russell, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Jerry West.” Easy. Then I said, “Larry Bird would definitely be in my top 10 though.” And dude says, “Who’s Larry Bird again?” WHHHAT?!

2. When I was watching Inside the Obama White House on NBC, I really thought I heard Lumidee’s “Uh Oh” in the background. Wait, I did? Oh man, that’s crazy.

1. I went to a poetry workshop today, again sponsored by the Acentos Poetry Foundation. While I’d be remiss to mention the moderator’s name, I have to say that this: I didn’t like the workshop at all. Not one bit. This isn’t a reflection on the heads of the org as much as it is on the moderator, who I felt didn’t prepare very well for the people there. I’m not very demanding of my environment much, but I do know that I was really disappointed with what seemed like a lack of preparation on his end, and even a slight disrespect of the level that the writers were at. I’ll go on once I wrap my mind around it because I’d rather not be a hater in this space. But I’m trippin’ because I KNOW what a workshop would look like.

What happened today there was akin to me coming into a classroom with just a worksheet and saying, “Work on this for an hour.” Even as a volunteer, my ass would be outta there so fast …

Jose, who’s not just caught up in the moment right?