Short Notes: Travelling Through Time For the Future of Mankind

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

1. Ironman was really good. Better than SpiderMan 1 and X-Men 1, but not better than the second part of either series. It stayed true to the original comic book for the most part, and more than anything, it was made more for adults than children (which makes me wonder why children were present in the theatre. A couple of people doubted whether Robert Downey Jr. was the right guy for the role, but even watching the trailers, there’s no other person on Earth more qualified for the role. Directly after, I have to download the original Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.”

2. Yes, I did show up on NY1 because of the immigration protest on May 1st. I knew it would happen since the camera usually finds me one way or another, but it wasn’t about me. It was about the message we were sending to the rest of the world, and that’s important. The strangest part about the whole protest was the observers on the sides of Broadway. They were all so shocked and in awe of the protest that they decided to just look at us. There was neither encouragement nor anger, just people watching, taking pictures with their cell phones, mouth agape, as if they’d never seen a protest before. Pictures and video coming soon.

3. Kobe Bryant wins MVP, and all is right with the world.

4. I’m due for a complete main site redesign this summer. Not so much the blog, but everything else here. Same goes for my MySpaces, but I can put that off. I’m still trying to get some ideas for how I want my redesign to look like, but that’s the beauty of being one’s own web designer; I don’t have any artistic limitations really.

5. Digsby has officially taken over all my old IM clients, and even let me rediscover my old ones, and it’s taken much less RAM than those heavy programs do. I now have my 3 AIMs, MSN, GMail, and recently added Facebook Chat all under one umbrella, plus checking my MSN, Yahoo, and GMail e-mails. It’s been a world of difference as far as clutter is concerned.

6. Going to the gym makes me feel good. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go do that. Got a lot on my plate. Peace …

jose, who will actually write a report on his 3rd year of teaching soon …