Short Notes: Week of April 11, 2010

Jose Vilson Short Notes

A few notes:

  • Matt Taibbi breaks David Brooks’ elitist column down with a passion of … a blogger. Read his latest about Brooks’ assertions that rich people work harder. [True / Slant]
  • Constance McMillen, a teen who wasn’t allowed to go to her prom because she wanted to bring her female date, had to attend a fake prom while the rest of the school went to another venue. And that’s how Mississippi’s Itawamba Agricultural High School handles things. [Salon]
  • Don’t talk to the police. This is different from “fuck the police,” but still notable. Watch and learn. [YouTube]
  • Chicago literary and Civil Rights giant Haki Madhubuti resigned recently from his post at Chicago State University. If you thought the problems were just in K-12 education … [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • If you know any great poets in the blogosphere, feel free to nominate them here. No, I did not nominate myself. [BloggingPoet]
  • Possibly the funniest parody I’ve seen involved Tiger Woods. No cats were harmed during the production of this website. [BuzzFeed]