Short Notes: Why Fences Isn’t Like a Tyler Perry Production, Part 1

Jose Vilson Jose

A few notes:

  • In case you haven’t heard this a million times, go see Fences on Broadway, featuring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. I overheard some lady behind me say it reminded her of a Madea play. It makes me wonder if that lady ever experienced actual Broadway plays … or ever experienced a real-life metaphor. Chances are, she didn’t, and that’s why this play is nothing like a Tyler Perry production. Sharp, engaging, suspenseful, and well-acted. Go watch.
  • @Imani_Sublime of features an engaging interview with me regarding education, writing, and political activism. Read on about my thoughts here. [PenHittingPaper]
  • Teachers make up a huge part of political campaigns in more ways than you know, says Gail Collins. [NY Times]
  • With inventions like the iPad, Dan Cohen and David Parry pondered how Apple implicitly has the right to censor books. [Academhack]
  • The AP reports that, in Illinois, the amount of suspensions for Black students went up 75% … while White student suspensions dropped 5%. [WQAD]
  • Anthony Mullen ponders the writing on epitaphs and their connections to young teachers’ legacies. [TeacherMagazine]
  • I wrote a review of Larry Ferlazzo’s new book about English Language Learners. Good read. [Teacher Leaders Network]

And ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget: there are only a couple of days left ’til my first book giveaway is over! Peace.

Jose, who’s got two more days until the big math test and wonders if his kids are ready for it …