Short Notes: You Can’t Deny It, I’m a F*ckin’ Writer …

Jose Vilson Short Notes

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For the majority of this year, writing has come with a bit of ease, especially in the blog form. There are days I’ll already have the next few posts set up because my mind will bristle with ideas. Lately, though, it’s been a struggle. I won’t call it a writer’s block; it’s more like I haven’t taken a real break from blogging. I’ve been writing chapters for projects, blogs here and in other spaces, guest blogs, Tweets, a couple of dedications here and there, lesson plans, agendas, and not to mention the important letter here and there. Tons of computer time. And my mind’s in need of a serious recline.

And that’s apart from teaching.

The question always arises: “How the hell do you have time for all of it?”

Not sure.

Therefore, I’m taking a little break. At least for the next couple of days. Be back on Wednesday. In the meantime, feel free to peruse some of my latest and greatest:

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Also, feel free to let me know what’s up with you. It’s all about you.

Jose, who is the stone that the builder refused

p.s. – There might be a guest blogger here and there …