Some of the Right Questions To Ask About The Police State

Jose Vilson Jose

Stop and Frisk Policy

I can’t say I’ve ever been stopped and frisked yet, though I’ve accumulated my fair amount of “treatment” from other entities in NYC. I can say that we need to start asking the right questions, like why police find it OK to shoot 40+ shots anytime they’re even in neighborhoods with high concentrations of people of color. Even with the shifts in population, the discriminatory practices won’t seize. One might ask, “Are these ‘type’ of people prone to violence and crime?” The better question to ask is: “Why will more new prisons be built than schools?” or “Why are the stop and frisks more proportional to the population we have in NYC?”

The New York Times does a masterful job in showing you what many of us have known along. Here’s hoping this not only answers some of the questions we have, but also changes the wrong questions to right ones.

Jose, who doesn’t think everyone’s asking these questions enough …