Workshops and Speeches

Here is a sample set of speeches and workshops I’ve done in the last few months. My main themes include, race in education, social media, and teacher leadership. For more, reach out to me here.


Children’s Well-Being Initiative (Virtual Meeting, 8/9/16)

New Jersey Education Association
with Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price and Gabriel Tanglao

Opening Schools to all Learners: Exploring Identity and Social Justice (East Windsor, NJ, 7/12/16)

US Department of Education

National Summit on Teacher Diversity (Washington, D.C., 5/6/16)

AFT Share My Lesson

This Is Not A Test (Virtual Meeting, 4/7/16)

Noble Impact / Clinton School of Public Service

(Little Rock, AR, 7/28/16)

NYC Department of Education
with Dr. Carla Shedd

Lenses on Equity Speaker Series session / panel
(Brooklyn, NY, 6/16/16)

EdCamp Foundation

#EduColor and the Need for Diversity in Education Spaces
(Philadelphia, PA, 4/30/16)

Rutgers Graduate School of Education

#UrbanTeachingMatters Keynote (New Brunswick, NJ, 4/2/16)

Equity Exchange
with Chris Thinnes, Brittany Packnett, Daniel Harris

Educator as Advocate, Activist
(St. Louis, MO, 7/26/16)

Washington D.C. Teachers Union (WTU)

Teacher Leadership and Teacher Unionism
(Howard University, Washington D.C., 5/14/16)

American Education Research Association
with Travis Bristol, Terrenda Corisa White, Audra Watson, Tolani Britton, David Johns

Education for Diverse Democracy Requires Democracy for Diverse Educators: Critical Insights from National Teaching Fellows (Washington, D.C., 4/10/16)