Nine Twelve

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Yesterday, I had no pithy comments. Or any other words in general. It’s not that I don’t have a “Where were you when …” story or didn’t think of the thousands of people who died directly or indirectly in that attack. Quite the opposite. I consider my view on 9-11 unorthodox in the American paradigm. Then I think about how …

Jose VilsonNine Twelve

Not Your Average Joe


I became a baseball fan when I was around 9 years old, when the Yankees were getting their butts beat in the division by the Orioles and the Red Sox. Bernie Williams was still getting booed and everyone except Don Mattingly knew they weren’t going to make it to the championships. Buck Showalter did break us into first place in …

Jose VilsonNot Your Average Joe

Black, White, and Read All Over? Terrorism!

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I recently read on that not only is Big Brother watching, but he’s also trying to get into my library, keeping records of the types of personal items I keep and stuff I do on their planes. I wonder what Osama bin Laden’s reading list looks like and if they compare it to my own. I was recently on …

Jose VilsonBlack, White, and Read All Over? Terrorism!