Bad Principals, Too

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At this point, I’ve tackled bad teachers not once but twice, and even wondered if I was a bad teacher. Yet, people fully expected me to talk about bad administration, especially bad principals. Sadly, the current narrative amongst teachers is to lay all the blame at the feed of administrators, at students, at parents, and everything and one else for a number of reasons, some good, some not-so-much. Even my …

Top 5 Misconceptions About Teacher Leadership / Coaching

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I don’t know whether it’s because I’m young, Black / Latino, and / or well-dressed more often than not, but people have serious misconceptions about what I actually do in the building. This seems to be the case with lots of teachers I’ve met who, for whatever reason, have been pulled out of the classroom. Some of us are an ambitious lot who don’t really want to be in the …

Skip Lunch, Feed a Bunch

5 Reasons Mr. Vilson Isn’t Becoming An Administrator … Yet

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Today, as is often the case, I was asked whether I’d be taking AP classes. As the math coach, I’ve always been hesitant to discuss professional ambitions out in the open (because when I do, they get forwarded to people in my school and that becomes a mushroom cloud I have a hard time sitting on). Plus, maintaining a professional demeanor in spite of all is probably any teacher’s (especially …

48 Laws of Education

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Believe it or not, I’m a peaceful guy. I have some rather strong opinions and people believe that’s belligerence, but it’s really not. It’s just the honest truth. Yet I’ve always found myself thinking much the way a war strategist does. I detach myself from my own feelings about a certain situation and put myself into the mind frame of the other person. It’s a survival technique I’ve learned to …

I Remember When … (School Edition)

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Today, after class, I saw one of my girls from my school. She’s the one that gave me the “Man of the Year” award, which I more than appreciated. We had a nice long conversation about everything from why the hell I would even put that out on the Web to the boy she’s dating (a kid who I consider a son, so it’s fine). When I saw her coming …


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Today, I could start off with an anecdote about a kid whose own inner complexities make her sensitive and bossy, sweet yet callous enough to steal and discard without remorse, mature on one end of the spectrum, yet too involved in her own sense of power over meeker beings to understand how she negatively affects others. Then, that means I’d have to go into the frustrations I feel as a …