Four Months of Awesome [On Alejandro]

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Alejandro was staring at the door at 9 pm. I just got back from a long day and a vibrant discussion and dinner at SoHo with some colleagues who I hadn’t seen in months. When I got to my floor in my apartment building, I tiptoed from the elevator to my door, turning the key slowly so as not to …

Jose VilsonFour Months of Awesome [On Alejandro]
Alejandro Luis Vilson Rojas and His Dad

But First Him, Always Him

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For the last four days, I’ve averaged about four hours of consistent sleep, including a a period of 24 hours from Thursday to Friday where I slept nothing. These days have been a haze of semi-consciousness, floating between staring at hospital beds and nurseries and recouping in the disaster area that was my house. Before December 5th, I remember reading …

Jose VilsonBut First Him, Always Him