Jose on Barry (Not Literally)


Yesterday, ESPN’s Sportscenter had an exclusive “town hall” meeting in San Francisco, CA, to discuss Barry Bonds and his pursuit of the homerun record. It’s amazing how many fans really cheered him on, and still do. What’s worse is that, I’m cheering him on, too. I’d love to tell you how morally upstanding Barry is and what a wonderful human …

Jose VilsonJose on Barry (Not Literally)

Love, Reign O’er Me

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Alex Rodriguez comes up to bat against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded, and I’m yelling at the screen like, “PLEASE! Oh my G_D no! They’re gonna boo him, and he’s going to blow it.” I shut my eyes for a bit and went back to my writing as A-Rod struck out in …

Jose VilsonLove, Reign O’er Me