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Eww. Seriously. That Is So Gross. (Education Reform Put To The Test)

January 31, 2012 Jose
Eww. Seriously? So Gross. (GEICO Commercial)

Ever have a baby sleeping right on your stomach when you see a hilarious commercial and you’re trying to suppress your laughter which only makes you laugh harder? That was the premise for tonight when I watched this Geico commercial about a guy who uses some popular girls from the local high school to help […]

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That’s 21 of Your Validators Ate Up At The Same Time

November 7, 2011 Jose

“I‘m not a regular competitor, first rhyme editor Melody arranger, poet, etcetera Extra events, the grand finale like bonus I am the man they call the microphonist With wisdom which means wise words bein spoken Too many at one time watch the mic start smokin’ I came to express the rap I manifest Stand in […]

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Top 5 Hashtags for Arne Duncan [And Why I Won't #AskArne Anything]

August 22, 2011 Jose
Arne Duncan

The last time I had a chance to interact with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan happened not too long ago over an Elluminate session where some of the best and brightest educators interacted with him and some of his advisers. What transpired gave me a different level of understanding of the bureaucracy that happens in […]

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Macho Man Randy Savage, on Education Reform [And The Beat Goes On]

June 1, 2011 Mr. Vilson
Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth

I know he was probably a Republican, as are most wrestlers, but I honestly just felt like repurposing one of Randy Savage’s best monologues because it’s so relevant to things I see in our education discussions. And hilarious. Let’s do this. I’m talkin’ bout and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on, and […]

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Education Nation: So Let Me Get This Right The First Time

September 26, 2010 Jose

Let me get this straight: If I put a cabal of pseudo-educational leaders together in one small panel and parade them around different shows and news outlets, start up conversation pages but prevent all voices to participate, rile up a fringe group of educators who laud the likes of Diane Ravitch and Leonie Haimson, and […]

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Racing Requires Winners and Losers

August 24, 2010 Jose
Duncan: "You're really gonna tell these people that? I'm so screwed."

On face value, getting money for education from the government is awesome. As a left-leaning voter (with no party), I should celebrate the government’s intervention in boosting the value of our schools most in-need. I should be happy that within the last few months, New York State has garnered at least 520 million dollars in […]

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