Exclusive: The Classroom and the Precinct, Accurately [The Enemy]

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My people, I recently wrote an article for the upstart mag The Enemy, expounding on my thoughts about the relationships between teachers and the police, pulling together Mobb Deep, Frank Serpico, and others for a piece that was / is absolutely necessary. Here’s a glimpse: To the eyes of the American public, it might seem like none of these are connected, but, to many people of color, the school-to-prison pipeline …

AP: Jay-Z Signs Math Educator Jovan Miles to Roc Nation

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Somewhere in the future … For the casual music fans, it’s easy to see why one might get confused looking at the initial Roc Nation artists. Jay-Z. J-Cole. Jay Electronica. The trifecta of J’s (and Willow Smith) have had their share of success either from the underground circuit to the international stage (in varying degrees). Yet, none of them have what the latest “J” has: the attention of classrooms for …

Edutopia + Jose Vilson = Back To School [… And Another One]

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To my readers: Thanks to your support, I am happy to announce that Edutopia has invited me to write a guest blog for their website. (Full disclosure: they’re sponsored by the George Lucas Education Foundation. Yes, that George Lucas.) Here’s an excerpt from my back-to-school posted entitled “Cheat Sheet for the First Days of School”: As the bulletin boards go up and the chalkboards, whiteboards and Smartboards get dusted and …


Uncensored: A Lost Article about the Save Our Schools March

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I don’t usually do this, but you’re my people. On August 2nd, GOOD Magazine published an article ostensibly written by yours truly … with almost half the article chopped off. I won’t get into reasons why things went missing because a) I still don’t agree with Michelle Rhee, b) the person who cut the piece in half isn’t the person I usually work with on these GOOD pieces, and c) …

Stephen Lazar, Brian Ford, myself, and others at #OccupyWallStreet, NJTAG pre-Columbus Day Teach-In

As An Educator, Are You Occupying or Being Preoccupied? [GOOD Magazine]

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Excerpt: When we hear inaccurate statements about our profession, we ought to stand up and correct them—our battle is a fight against false ideas as well. As we elevate our profession by accurately discussing it, we should seek self-empowerment in the way we speak about our classrooms. Teachers can either continue to let others dictate the words we use to describe our profession or we can occupy the classroom, staying …

Jose Vilson in Teacher Magazine: What Education Can Learn From Baseball

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Ladies and gents, check the following article I wrote for Teacher Magazine, an in-depth article about what K-12 education can learn from Major League’s baseball’s woes in the mid-90s. It even made the front page! Check it for yourself here. And comment there, too, if you can. Thanks, all. Jose, whose brother just saw the article posted and asked “So what are you doing next?” A-mazing.