A Quick Note About This 40 Under 40 List Thing

Jose Vilson Jose 1 Comment

You’re right: I don’t look under 40. I’m an old soul and I’ve stopped trying to correct folks en masse. Audrey and Chris decided to congratulate me for still being under 40. I have enough mileage in teaching years that I might disqualify myself. But alas, I’m here. And with …

Kanye West Interrupts ... Jesus Christ!

My Size 8 Head or Why I’m Not Gassed

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This week, I found out a few things. a) That Kanye Meme (“I’m happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but ____ had the ___ ____ of ____ time!”) will never die, and its variations get more uproarious every time I hear them. I declared Kanye jokes dead … …