My Reaction to the President’s State of the Union Address

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Anytime the president of the United States shouts out teachers, that’s definitely a plus. Well, sorta. As a math teacher, I appreciate the emphasis on STEM in that it has the potential to open doors to students who normally don’t get those opportunities, or that’s the presumption. I graduated with …


Teacher Quality And The Decline In Teachers of Color

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This morning, I came across this article on Huffington Post (I know, I know, hear me out, though) and thought I should ask questions about President Obama’s initiative to enforce former President George W. Bush’s mandates for “excellent teachers” to stay in the highest-need communities. Read this: President Barack Obama’s …


Karen Lewis on Using The Bosses’ Tools [Pre-MLK Jr. Day]

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A few notes: The Los Angeles United School District and its teachers union came to an agreement on teacher evaluation that makes some sense. [LA Daily News] John Holland outlines with no equivocation the difference between responsibility and accountability. [Future of Teaching] Sherman Dorn gives us five oft-overlooked facts about …

The Barack Obamas [2011, Meet 2008]

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For months, possibly years, I’ve been waiting for this Barack Obama to make an appearance to the general public: Hot-damn. The Barack Obama of 2008 made an appearance again at the MLK Memorial today to thousands of people watching in DC and on CSPAN. (For full text, here’s more.) I …


A Restraint On The Patriotism, Please

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I stood in my classroom on Monday morning, worn out from awaiting President Barack Obama’s announcement, waiting for the Pledge of Allegiance. Growing impatient with the pledge, I began to twirl the chalk in my hand while my students also reluctantly stood there. Anxious about next week’s math test, I …