Jose Vilson vs. Barack Obama

Dear President Obama: It’s Not You; It’s Your Education Policy

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Dear President Obama, Ever since you started your run for President of the United States, I’ve had your back. I won’t recount the inspiring events of your presidency since 2008 here, though I’m sure you’re already replaying them in your mind, like that last great buzzer shot to win your last pick-up game. You’ve made few friends along the path …

Thugnificent, Boondocks

If I Was Thugnificent

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Last night, while I got adjusted to my work-sleep schedule, I decided I’d catch the season premiere of Boondocks, a cartoon known as much for its concentration on the African-American experience as its satire and perverseness. In other words, it kicks ass. Last night’s episode focused on the campaign and election of Barack Obama and the contrast between the consciously …

Ghost Busters vs. Stay Puff

The Education Boogey-Men

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Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting educational innovators and thought leaders from throughout the country, people who I either admire for their awesomeness or have pushed my thinking in ways I hadn’t thought of. People like the Teacher Leaders Network and my folks on Facebook and Twitter offer conversations I don’t routinely have with anyone …

President Obama in School

Dear President Obama: The Education Voice Needs A Better Song

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This week, I’ll be highlighting the voices of a few, proud, and dedicated bloggers who have an awesome voice and passion for this discussion about education. Please join me as I step back and let these powerful voices speak. Tonight, I give a preamble of sorts. Dear President Barack Obama, This week is the most important week of your legacy. …

Barack Obama at School

At The End of the Day [The Letters Series]

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This week, I’m writing a few more letters to different people, whose names shall be removed from the post, but who nonetheless are amalgamations of real characters. I won’t be mincing words this week, and in these letters, I hope to address some issues I find in education as a whole through these letters. If need be, I’ll apologize later. …

President Obama Checking My E-mails

Dear Barack Obama: A Letter from an Urban Math Teacher to His President

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Dear President Obama, First, I’d like to thank you for your speech on education last weekend in Arlington, VA to high schoolers. I actually found it rather informative and refreshing to hear a current President talk about topics such as responsibility and effort in school. Your life stories as they pertain to school give a good back drop for people …

Guantanamo Bay, the Parody

Am I Not Human: Guantana-Close

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This morning on NY1, I saw some random meeting between some of the families of 9/11, and, when they were asked about President Obama’s closing (essentially) of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, they were outraged, OUTRAGED, and wanted them tried immediately. While I sympathize with their point of view about 9/11, I also have to wonder if they can get …

Barack Obama as Jackie Robinson

Success Is A Process, Not An Event

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The following is an excerpt from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewing Former Gen. Colin Powell, who commemorated the inauguration of Barack Obama, our 44th President. BLITZER: Did you ever think, Gen. Powell, that you would be alive to witness this day? POWELL: I didn’t know if I would or I would not. I knew the day would come eventually. I watched …

Barack Obama, Lincoln, Experience

Before You Become President (Dear Barack Obama)

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Dear President-Elect Barack Obama (or whoever handles your mail), Like you, I’m just one man A writer with a vision, a community organizer with dreams Of an America where my President and Governer are Black in skin Wise in their decisions Vigilant in his ways Persistent in his pursuit of justice To do right by the American people But sometimes …