John Lennon with Sean

A Dozen of One, a Half Dozen of the Other [On Parenting and Teaching]

Jose Vilson Jose 7 Comments

Before my 25th birthday, I thought to myself how much I’d like to have my own son. The closer I got to finishing my 2nd year of teaching, the more I wanted to have a little nugget to teach the ways of this Vilson. My son started appearing in my dreams in different forms. My nephew Jaiden. My godson Josiah. My boss’ babies. My fiancee’s nephew Brandon. The first baby …

Pre-Birthday Celebration at Mom's House

Pardon The Swag

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

In celebration of my forthcoming birthday tomorrow (Monday, the 24th), I started sharing secrets to (my) life in my Facebook statuses. Here they were: Secret #1: I’m always thinking about the footprint I’d like to leave in the world, a natural part of working with kids. Secret #2: Once I became a teacher, I became more confident externally because I had to be humble internally. Thus, pardon the swag. Secret …