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Everything Man

by Jose Vilson on August 24, 2007

in Jose

img_0566-vi.jpgAs if you didn’t know, I am fully in support of Talib’s latest effort, Eardrum. For the most part, it’s hot as hell. Don’t believe me, though; read the article I wrote for Right now, my favorite tracks are it might be much easier to list the tracks I’m not a fan of.

1. “The Nature” with Justin Timberlake (it’s not memorable and a wack ending to an awesome album)
2. “Country Cousins” (just for the chorus)
3. “Give ‘Em Hell” (same thing. Chorus was boring.)

Otherwise, I like all of it. I was pleasantly surprised by’s production on “Say Something,” but not surprised at Jean Grae’s animalistic rhyme ability. But again, I mentioned all of this in the Blogcritics article.

The first song, “Everything Man,” applies to me in so many ways. I was so bored for a good week and change, but now everything’s coming back into the fold. I’m having masters’ diploma clearance issues, which will be resolved really soon and that I recently found out about. I have to help take my brother back up to Syracuse U. tomorrow and be back on the same day in time to either 1) go to sleep or 2) go and party with my friends, who I won’t see for a few months.

Then I’m going with my lady to a baby shower for my friend AnnMary. That should be great, because I anticipated this event for so long. I got the pair multiple gifts; people know I’m bad with remembering dates, but try to make an awesome impression at the event.

On Tuesday, I have a “photoshoot” of course with cool peoples, and of course, the countdown to the classroom begins. I’m so nervous that I won’t be ready for them to come in, but I’m also excited about the possibilities.

It’s also time to start shopping and turn from jose to Mr. V. Any time I haven’t spent with the aforementioned events will most likely be used for this metamorphosis. That’s the best part. The transformation’s already taking place, but I have to remember my scripts and such. Once I finish Fast Food Nation, a book worth reading even if you just get through the first few chapters, I’m going to read The Reluctant Disciplinarian by Gary Rubenstein, just so I can start out the year right.

And this is just within the next week. I hate to sound cliche, but I need to make taking over the world look easy.

jose, who you’ll only see on weekends after september 5th


Too Cool For School

by Jose Vilson on August 1, 2007

mrvking.jpgI’m surprised by the serendipity of this August 1st. A few quick notes:

1) I’m the featured artist on RainTiger’s Poetry Site for August 2007. Thanks, mi gente.

2) As I said before, I’m a BlogCritic, and my latest article about the recent Rock the Bells concert featuring Rage Against the Machine, Wu Tang, and Public Enemy is officially published. An excerpt:

“What changed everything, however, was when a 6’3″ chubby-looking Canadian gentleman came up to my friend and I and had a discussion about his inebriation. It was fine until he said, “You know, you’re like the 11th Black person I’ve seen at this event.” It didn’t bother me; to the contrary, it made me conscious of what I was witnessing. He continued, “You know, it’s funny how at an event like this, where there are Black performers performing Black music, almost the whole audience is White.”

3) And now I’m done with my summer class. I’m turning in my paper in approximately 2 hours. Liberation!

Now, off to eat some Honey Combs and such. Tomorrow, I’ll have a review of Common’s latest album, Finding Forever, up here.



I’m a BlogCritic

by Jose Vilson on July 28, 2007

domo.jpgI’m now a writer for a sinister cabal of superior writers. Or something like that. For my first magic trick, I speculated on why computers will replace people with a little help from Mr. Roboto.

Support, mi gente. There’s more in store. And of course, this is still the #1 place for my writing. Just need to sharpen the skills ;-).