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A Lesson From My Brother Chneux: How To Talk About Yourself When No One Else Will

October 28, 2010 Jose
James Vilson

Vilsons are supposed to brag. Aside from the lasciviousness (which is how we ended up with so many siblings on my father’s side to begin with), the Vilsons are often considered to have an unusually high swagger and a disregard for life’s rules without surpassing the boundaries of “cool.” They’re not prone to jumping out […]

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Five Blogs You Need To Have In Your Feed Right Now 2010

August 23, 2010 Jose

While working on the “magazine,” I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs from around the blogosphere. While not all of them are education-related, all of them belong somewhere within your regular reading / watching material. I was also going to title this “Five Blogs To Read That Aren’t NYC Educator” simply because I […]

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The Tumblr vs. WordPress Argument (and Why I Have Both Now)

August 23, 2010 Jose

At this point, there’s so many arguments over which blogging platform’s best, I decided I wouldn’t rehash those arguments as a whole. I still haven’t tried Drupal, and I don’t think Blogspot’s robust enough for me. I had four main sites in which I share my madness: Here (where I share my lengthier posts) Facebook […]

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Until Lambs Become Lions [About Blogging]

June 7, 2010 Jose
Robin Hood 2010, Ready To Shoot

A couple of nights ago, I saw Russell Crowe’s rendition of Robin Hood. A good movie for those who like serious, rugged prequels to their favorites, the film takes us through Robin Hood the English soldier who fought alongside the King of England in defense of his country before the jealous king pronounced him as […]

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6 Things I’ve Learned About Writing [600th Post]

May 10, 2010 Jose
Death By Pen

I honestly can’t believe I’ve written 600 of these essays. I went from a little blog somewhere in the atmosphere to getting a nice pat-on-the-back from the hundreds of you who read me weekly. I’ve learned so much, I just had to write it down. I’m at a point where I’m bombarded with requests for […]

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Validating Blogs #4080: Indirect People Are Shadyyyy

March 18, 2010 Jose
C'Mon Son: Star Wars Edition

Last week, after attending the awesome TEDxNYED, I found myself yearning for more of that collaborative energy. Everytime I thought I was done reflecting on some of the ideas presented, I find another opportunity to immediately use the knowledge acquired to something I’d already thought. For instance, I invited a group of educators and concerned […]

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