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A Semblance of Acceptance [What Organized Chaos Looks Like]

January 5, 2010 Jose
Luis Ramirez and Son

As most of you are well aware of, I’ve been officially developing my new website for 7 months the last couple of months. Within that time, I’ve become a little more relaxed about promoting the content of the site and moderating the comments. Thus, when searching for phrases like “fuck mexicans” and well, “fuck mexicans,” […]

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The Big Teacher-Leader Burnout Can Lead to a Blog-Out, Too

December 22, 2009 Jose
Fish's Reflection

Last November, Bill Ferriter and I had a discussion about teacher burnout and how those of us who consider ourselves at the forefront of teacher leadership in our respective situations. The conversations kept streaming my way, and while the vets handled this situation much better, the stakes for other teachers only heightened as the year […]

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On Why It’s Lonely Out Here for a Black / Latino Teacher Blogger. Really.

December 15, 2009 Jose

A week or so ago, I ended a blog entry about my appearance at’s fundraiser likeso: While at times in that gathering, while chewing on some wonderful chocolate chip cookies, I mulled over whether a Black / Latino man severely outnumbered ethnically and culturally in the many educational arenas I’m involved in even really […]

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The Perfect Circle

December 10, 2009 Jose
Circular Platinum Ring

Somewhere in a swanky, glossy penthouse just off Canal St. last night, a group of educator bloggers, think-tankers, writers, politicians, activist, and this guy named Klein c0nvened at the behest of, a blog formed under the premise of bringing all these types into one virtual room to have these difficult but promising conversations. Upon […]

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Mr. Vilson’s Guide To Jerking a Teacher-Blogger (Unabridged, Unadulterated)

November 30, 2009 Jose
Lost Highway

whisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisper … “Jose Vilson blogs, you know.” Right then, I realized that, around the corner, where ed-techies and Twitterholics never venture, infrequent visitors of the web and unintentional saboteurs congregate to discuss ways of discouraging people from using the Internet. I’ve heard (and understand) many of the arguments against the power of said Internet: “It’s […]

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Jose Vs. Mr. Vilson, Part 1 (or Love Me, Love Me Nots)

August 20, 2009 Jose
Ryu vs. Ken, Street Fighter, as interpreted by EastMonkey

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. I just got back from a wonderful vacation out in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and spent quite a lot of time relaxing, taking in sun, and being as un-teacherly as possible. Today, I’d like to show you a bit of a conversation between Jose, the writer / socialite / homebody, and […]

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OMG My Teacher Blogs LOL LMAO

March 17, 2009 Jose
Kids In Shock

Yesterday, my Google Image results showed up in my classroom computer. Not that it’s uncommon, but more who made it show up. A few of my students looked me up online and thought it’d be cute to revise my photos for some reason. Photo #1: Looking out towards the sky. Photo #2: Fresh in greyscale. […]

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