This Blogging Shit Is No Joke

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Well, first, you’re going to have to excuse me for my terse language, but fuck it. If you’re subscribed, you know how I roll. The title of this post came from my reaction after reading a pair of prominent bloggers’ posts and almost made me jump out of my seat. …


Short Notes: 2009 and Beyond

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A few notes: Ever felt annoyed when you went onto a blog and you had to enter in a ton of information that’s already on one of your social media sites? Well, no mas! If you look to the right, you’ll notice that now you can use your Facebook account …

Elton John's "Yellow Brick Road"

Short Notes: I Live For This

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A few links: Problogger has the most comments I’ve ever seen for one post. Awesome on all ends. Electronic Village presents a video on Barack, Curtis, and the perception of manhood in the Black community. Cute babies at Boing Boing plead their innocence. They swear they’re not terrorists. You be …


Express Yourself (Do It To It)

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I recently read an article about blogging that made me want to kick someone in the shins. I’d love to link it to you, but then I’d be violating one of his “seven sins” of blogging. :: gasp:: G_d forbid! Here’s the gist: basically he wrote a blog post using …


Yes, I’m Still Gonna Blog

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I just finished a PowerPoint for a presentation I need to do tomorrow for that big project that everyone / no one knows about. Even on vacay, I can’t go on vacay. It’s just not possible. However, I’ve been listening to some excellent music, drinking some quality beer, and learning …


Me Sube La Bilirrubina (It Raises My Bilirubin)

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I’m honestly not that arrogant. I just like to call madness out for what it is. Eddie Griffin might be right: I’m insane, and that’s something to be congratulated. Watching Black in America over the last 2 days, at the encouragement ad nauseum of practically everyone in my Facebook, Twitter, …


Domo Arigato, Mr. Vilson

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What’s been up with my writing lately, you ask? Crazy, mi gente. Crazy. I haven’t guest-posted on anyone’s site just yet (though I’m open to the idea), and I haven’t had a huge link from a big blog in a while, but certainly things are on the up and up. …


It’s Not a Confessional, It’s a Blog (My 200th)

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Wow, I just reached my 200th post. I’m excited. When I had my 100th post, I didn’t really celebrate it. I think I surpassed my 100th, 200th, and 300th in a really small window of time. I’ve been blogging since 2003, back when even some of my closest associates didn’t …