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Short Notes: David Foster Wallace On Hip-Hop?

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A few notes: First, thanks to everyone who liked my Facebook page. Please do give it a “like” when you get a chance. We have awesome discussions and cool co-conspirators. [Facebook] David Foster Wallace had an opinion on hip-hop that I actually found kinda dope. I wouldn’t highlight it otherwise. [NY Daily News] Maria Popova illustrates how Albert Einstein thought about creativity. I’m a geek for brain studies. [Brain Pickings] …

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No One Knows What It Means, But It’s Provocative, It Gets The People Going

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“… Wait, he said what?” I pulled out my fingers to count how many kids that meant for one classroom. “OK, so dude, you know that means I’m gonna have half my kids in the hallway while I teach, right?” I started doing seating arrangements in my mind. “Are you going to invest in carpets and place mats for every student who has to receive instruction from me and the …

What I Learned At The City Hall / Gotham Schools Panel on Education

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Amazing that, in the midst of getting ready for school, I had enough time to get in an important policy panel today. Before it started, there was already lots of controversy, primarily with the preliminary list lacking teachers of any variety. Eventually, rumor had it that education professor Diane Ravitch declined her invitation to the panel because of the lack of teacher voice. After including Leo Casey and Stephen Lazar, …

Peace in the Middle East

Peace In The Middle East (2009 Edition)

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Back in the early 90s, when A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul were rap de jour for the people who actually went to high school (at least from what I could remember), the prominent “P.E.A.C.E.”, first popularized by Rakim, turned into “Peace in the Middle East,” a homage to those suffering as casualties of the Iraq War, soldiers and civilians. I mean, everyone I knew said it even …


Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

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Remember how in the Time Out NY Mag, I called Mayor Bloomberg out for being on every damn list I’ve read. From TONY’s 41 to Esquire’s 75. No problem. For better or worse, he’s New York City’s mayor and I harbor no hate for his hustle. However, I’m really not feeling his policies. I completely disagree with the massive overdevelopment of NYC, the rent hikes, the infiltration of KIPP and …

Do Your F*ck!n Job

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Mayor Bloomberg’s latest ideas on creating incentives for people doing what they’re supposed to do annoys the shit out of me. I hate to curse in a forum of this nature, as my professionalism hinges on my lack of cursory language, but give me a break. I’m already hearing the murmurs of people jumping for joy for the idea of getting paid for what they’re supposed to do. That’s annoying …