On Paul Tough and The Four Words I Can’t Stand In My Classroom [Edutopia]

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My latest Edutopia article explores the four words I can’t stand to hear from my students (with an analysis of the lies we tell in schools): The discussion around “I can’t do this” can be broken down into three general levels: They genuinely don’t understand the material. They’ve had a long day and just don’t have the energy to work …

Jose VilsonOn Paul Tough and The Four Words I Can’t Stand In My Classroom [Edutopia]
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Our Children Are Activists, Too [BK Nation]

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I had the pleasure of writing for activist Kevin Powell’s BK Nation. I dedicated my first piece to children and adults’ rapid dismissal of them as a false comparison to generations past. Observe: We’re so quick to judge our youth that we lose the opportunity to reach out to them on a real level. That especially goes for my fellow …

Jose VilsonOur Children Are Activists, Too [BK Nation]

When It Comes To Testing, Kids Get Labeled Failures First

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In my new co-blog The Collaborateurs, I wrote a little bit about testing and race. Here’s a bit: What’s sometimes missing from this side of the argument is that the effects for students is much worse than for teachers. Obviously, the teaching profession has a long way to go before we have the right working conditions and respect from society …

Jose VilsonWhen It Comes To Testing, Kids Get Labeled Failures First

The Power of We: In The Memory of Malala Yousafzai [On Thinking Globally] #BAD12

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Have you ever felt like the things you do in the classroom connect to some other, higher purpose? Sometimes. When I read about stories like Malala Yousafzai’s, it puts everything I do in the classroom in its proper perspective. For those of you who are unaware, Malala’s shown up in the news recently after Taliban rebels tried to assassinate her …

Jose VilsonThe Power of We: In The Memory of Malala Yousafzai [On Thinking Globally] #BAD12

7,000 Children Left Behind

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A couple of weeks back, newspapers across the city reported that around 7,000 students were wrongly sent to summer school because of their ELA or math test scores. I’m almost certain a few of those include my own (former) students. For those of you who don’t know the inner workings of how these officials make their decisions, the ELA and …

Jose Vilson7,000 Children Left Behind
Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC with Mayor Boris Johnson of London

The Shakes, For Real

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This afternoon, I posted the following joke on my Facebook: If school was in session, Bloomberg wouldn’t close schools. Around lunchtime, he’d say, “Let them have shakes.” I jest. Well, for the most part. Surprisingly, there was no announcement from our mayor on anything. NYC Educator might quip here that he’s probably having lunch somewhere in Bermuda, to which I’d …

Jose VilsonThe Shakes, For Real
Listen Like a Child

April Foolishness

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This past weekend, I went to Washington DC, home to clean public transportation, Greco-Roman-inspired monuments, and some guy named Barack. I love the place like The Count of Monte Cristo loved Haydee, should anything happen to my dear Mercedes (a.k.a. NYC). I did a fair amount of education-related stuff there, first visiting the Jefferson Memorial, and then the FDR Memorial. …

Jose VilsonApril Foolishness