Were You At The Protest, Too?

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“Were you at the protest, too?” I’ve had no less than four people ask my directly why I haven’t written about my classroom experiences lately. Some of it stems from speaking truth to the gaping hole I continue to see in education writing, namely the intersectional race lens of events like the Atlanta cheating scandal and the Baltimore uprising. At this stage of the game, these events deserve more attention …

We Can Do Better Than “Wrong” [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: As a teacher, I have a few ways to say “that’s wrong” without actually saying it. The point isn’t to sanitize the class or soften the critique. For students, they often see the word “wrong” as a gateway to devaluing their own potential, as if their wrong answer determines their competency in the subject. We have to find ways for students to own and play on their mistakes without …

Simon Says Get The Fuck Up

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Yesterday, I noticed how rusty my kids were with mathematical thinking. It’s the usual rut where the teacher could be talking to cellophane and get a better response from his kids. I tried to bring some understanding of finding a slope-intercept equation given any two pieces of information. The lesson plan was rather straight forward, or so I thought. It felt OK for a bit. Nodding heads. One or two …


Virtual Conference 2011: How “I Don’t Get It” Is The First Step Towards Mastery

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Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning, class! Hope you’re all settling down now, because I got a story to tell you all. It’s about this young lady who had tons of potential in the world, but got away with too much due to her pretty handwriting and good manners. It’s about this young boy who sat down quietly and thought his intelligence was enough to get him past my class. It’s …