The Trump Voters In Our Classrooms

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Recently, I was asked to do an emergency coverage for an English class. It wasn’t my classroom, so I had none of my materials, but it was one of my classes, so I naturally wanted to follow what they were doing. Their English teacher had assigned them a lesson on …


A Few Questions With Marylin Zuniga (An Interview)

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For the better part of a decade, I’ve been exploring the idea of social justice education. While not a new idea, it’s picked up steam over the last couple of years with the Black Lives Matter movements, ethnic studies initiatives, and the need for diversifying the teaching profession. In the …


Let Students Pronounce Themselves (On Pronouns and Identity) [Guest Post]

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But we must, of course, keep doing the work. We must constantly reimagine what we teach and how we teach it. We must make our schools places that welcome and center, rather than simply tolerate or accommodate, trans students and students of color.*

Here’s one move I made at the start of this school year: letting students pronoun/ce themselves on the first day.

Crestwood High School varsity cheerleading captain MicKayla Ketter plays with toddler class 5-B at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., Aug. 15, 2012. Ketter and members of her high schoolÕs cheer squad came to teach children about sportsmanship and teamwork.

Five Ways To Show Students You Care

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“How do you show students you care and love them?” Someone asked me that this afternoon. And every other week. Shout-out to the other eighth grade math teacher who asked it. I’m not about the touchy-feely stuff; I prefer to discuss techniques, strategies, and content where possible. I prefer to talk about …

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The Classroom Next Time (On My Last Day of School)

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Over the last week or two, I’ve had a hard time compressing the experience of teaching students over the last year. There’s something disconcerting about teaching 90 students in the beginning of the year to 150 in almost in the blink of an eye. Yet, that’s what happened in December. …

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Why We Must Believe (Our Formation)

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“Come on, let’s get this done, I believe in you.” “Why do you always say that, Mr. Vilson, like …” “Um, because I believe in you.” “Oh my God, this is, like, the only class I hear a teacher say that …” It was a weird moment for me. I …


Were You At The Protest, Too?

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“Were you at the protest, too?” I’ve had no less than four people ask my directly why I haven’t written about my classroom experiences lately. Some of it stems from speaking truth to the gaping hole I continue to see in education writing, namely the intersectional race lens of events …

Simon Says Get The Fuck Up

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Yesterday, I noticed how rusty my kids were with mathematical thinking. It’s the usual rut where the teacher could be talking to cellophane and get a better response from his kids. I tried to bring some understanding of finding a slope-intercept equation given any two pieces of information. The lesson …