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Here’s my latest at The Collaborateurs, where I discuss my reason for joining #HerePastJune, a United For Public Schools project:

… we actually need to reconsider how we look at time in school. According to many reports (including some that US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan quotes), the United States already has the highest teacher-to-student time in minutes in the entire world. Where high-performing countries beat us (I won’t use that one country, but yes …) is in the way they use time. Give professional educators the time and resources to a) be themselves and b) work on the actual school year makes a lot of sense. During the school year, we make adjustments and gain new information, but the summer is really where good plans come together.

For more, read here. Also, share and share alike, and participate in the #HerePastJune hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, especially if you’re a teacher (or educator, really).

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Rope-A-Dope Like Muhammad Ali [Collaborateurs]

by Jose Vilson on June 25, 2013

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George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

One of my year-end reflection is now live at The Collaborateurs:

This year, I needed this when I went for a whirlwind of a trip this year, shifting roles and attitudes in ways that had me floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Perhaps even a little rope-a-dope as I sustained a few blows. As successful as I’ve been outside of school, the frustrations inside school built up.

The only sustain I had all year was the knowledge that, yes, we as teachers needed to do a good job in the classroom and in the school.

Let me know what you think. Read. Share. Thanks!

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Short Notes: What Exactly Is Emancipation?

by Jose Vilson on June 23, 2013

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My student Ashley draws me.

My student Ashley draws me.

A few notes:




Don’t Ask Me If You’re Going To Summer School [TransformED]

June 4, 2013 Mr. Vilson

My new post at The Collaborateurs explains a situation that happens too frequently to us during this time of year: Their absences weren’t insignificant, the lack of work is made more obvious by everyone else’s full portfolios, the same trends happen across their subjects, and just getting them into class almost doesn’t feel worth it. […]

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Emphasize The TEACHER In Teacher Leadership

May 30, 2013 Mr. Vilson

I wrote a little something here as a thought on teacher leadership. Check it at the Collaborateurs: That’s why I ought to start capitalizing the word “teacher” in the phrase “teacher leader.” The term “teacher leader” is so ubiquitous, you can’t help but wonder if people even know what it actually means, or at least […]

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When It Comes To Testing, Kids Get Labeled Failures First

April 22, 2013 Jose

In my new co-blog The Collaborateurs, I wrote a little bit about testing and race. Here’s a bit: What’s sometimes missing from this side of the argument is that the effects for students is much worse than for teachers. Obviously, the teaching profession has a long way to go before we have the right working […]

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