Short Notes: John Steinbeck Giving Away His Secrets?

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A few notes: I’ve known GOLES for years now, and they do great work empowering the Lower East Side. Please consider donating to them. [GOLES] John Steinbeck offers advice and non-advice for writers. You’ll love it. [BrainPicker] Something to pay attention to: Puerto Rico seeks to define its relationship with …


Gov. Jan Brewer Has A Mind Of Her Own … Kinda

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Let’s ignore for a second that Arizona has been the hot bed for ultra-conservative rogue policy for the last few years, and still hasn’t done a thing about those undocumented immigrants imprisoned in what networks would have us believe are cushy, metallic lounges. Gov. Jan Brewer, whose administration has been …

Kanye West's Graduation

Top 10 Reasons Graduation Rocks

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I always look at the cover with a bit of lament, but with a swell of pride. Not because I consider myself that bear popping out of that monster’s mouth finally exiting an institution after proving yourself worthy of a degree in whatever you master. It’s more that the Syracuse …


Prepping For My Real Job

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Damian tagged me, and I must oblige. After all, I tagged almost everyone and their mother yesterday trying to get you all to help me with my most involved effort yet. Damian asked me which of my previous (and worst) jobs helped me prepare for the job I have currently …