Questioning In The Classroom [Comment from Jim Doherty]

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One of my newer commenters, Jim Doherty, left this comment in reply to my Edutopia piece: The key piece to me is the questioning piece. I think that I always hope that my actions will serve as a model for my students, but I realize more and more that I need to explicitly point out the behavior that I want the students to see. I need to be clear when …

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Math As A Merit Badge (And Other Comments)

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The responses to my last post about math (who said I’m not a math blogger again?) ranged from the plauditory to the super-critical. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite comments to my last piece. First, Michael Doyle sets the record straight: Algebra II has become a badge, one of many, that pretends to separate middle class white boys from, well, everybody else. You can pass A2 without understanding a whole …

What If You’re A White Teacher Teaching Black History? [Some Examples]

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In my last post, I put down some thoughts on Black History Month, something I’ve written about at least once for the last four years. Every so often, I get a question that I ought to put in an FAQ section. For instance: “What if you’re a white teacher teaching about Black history?” I often reply, “Go right ahead, as long as you do it right.” Of course, you want …

Short Notes: Comments On Suicide From Bill, Heather, And … Anonymous

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Unbeknownst to me, October 10th was World Mental Heath Day, a day after I wrote my post on students and suicide. Rather than reflecting in meta, I’ll share some of my colleagues’ comments to the post, all of which moved me in a profound way. First, Bill Ivey: One of my former students, then a Senior at another local school, killed herself two weeks ago. Though she only passed through …


Comments To That Snoop Dogg Article You Didn’t See

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As I’m sure you’re aware, there will always be comments worth posting after reading an article like the Snoop Dogg post I wrote recently. Comments not only give us a glimpse of what the specific person believes, but the general mood of your readers. Thus, in the spirit of Jon Becker, here are the comments from Facebook, Twitter, and the EdWeek … kinda. Random Commenter 1 For the love of …

This Means War For These Educators, Too

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The commenters to my blog simply rock. Bivey’s whole response to my posit about education’s ulterior motives is a must read, but here’s a snippet just for you: I mean finding the right balance between acknowledging the power you and others have (e.g. at the end of the road, you still get to write the progress reports that go in their permanent record), figuring out how far you can go …

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A Semblance of Acceptance [What Organized Chaos Looks Like]

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As most of you are well aware of, I’ve been officially developing my new website for 7 months the last couple of months. Within that time, I’ve become a little more relaxed about promoting the content of the site and moderating the comments. Thus, when searching for phrases like “fuck mexicans” and well, “fuck mexicans,” my site comes on Google as result #5. Honestly, the essay’s title, “Tell Your Fucking …