On The Postponement of Common Core Accountability

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

On Monday, New York State found out that its Board of Regents, the governing body for education policy in NYS, decided to postpone accountability measures for teachers and schools in all of New York State, paving the way for educators to get their Common Core ducks in a row. The …

Banksy Art, "Wall Art Swept Under The Rug"

To Pretend Perfection, Sinful; To Aspire Towards It, Divine

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

Today, I sat with some fellow math teachers across the district to further investigate the new Common Core Standards. We’re looking through the new standards, creating questions and analyzing tasks (while I intermittently joke about my CoCoLoCo theory). We’re churning up great ideas while the moderator’s doing his best to …