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Common Core Standards Alignment to New York State Standards, Vilson Edition

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To my New York State math teacher brethren, By giving you these three PDFs, I’m also sharing where I work. Yes, I’m also going to say I made these documents, which is 85% true (the other 15% was done by others in my school’s math department, but I’ll give them absolute deference to within my school when asked “Who made these?”) Please note that these are just drafts and if …

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Let’s Get It Right The First Time

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As most of you know, the National Core Standards are in full effect by 2013, and states who’d like the “Race to the Top” money (i.e. New York) feel the need to implement them as soon as possible. On the horizon, we see common standards and cross-disciplinary alignment, and in the near future, a national assessment that parallels the NAEP for all participating states. I haven’t heard much about the …