Get Up, Stand Up, Before The PowerPointers Do [The Takeover, Part 1]

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Because I don’t really take breaks, I’m writing a three-part series at my other space. Here’s an excerpt: Generally, you get the idea, but you’re left wondering, “How can we do this better? How can I do this better?” Yet, when it comes down to it, too many of us are still waiting for someone to hold their hand into their voices, usher them in as the chosen one, or …

Mary Beth Hertz Clutching Gadgets

On Taking Professional Development Into Your Own Hands [CTQ]

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Of course this comes from a real situation. Why else would I write it? Only on the Center for Teaching Quality: Yet, there’s a new type of professional development that’s arisen from connected educators. I’m calling it a third-rail professional development, a hybrid of tech savvy and a healthy dose of networking can make for professional development that neither stagnates nor overbears. The thing with PD right now is that, …

Teacherpreneurs, The Book

My Feature In The New Book, Teacherpreneurs

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First off, happy Labor Day to all. As you can probably tell, I’ve been writing my heart out. I’m surprised by some of the spaces that have asked me to write, too. News on that forthcoming. In the meantime, I wrote a personal confession about my job as a teacher on my new CTQ spot: Confession: when they came to my school, I felt a little trepidation. I’d known Barnett …

Vilson’s Got a Brand New Video (and Audio!)

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I’ll keep this brief because this panel wasn’t. The Center for Teaching Quality along with the Alliance for Excellent Education recently had me on a panel to discuss the future of education. In my CTQ circle, I’ve been known to ruffle a few feathers. Nevermind. In many circles, I’ve been known to do so. I thought I did some of that in the videos you’re about to watch. Here’s the …