Girl Scream

The Mouth and The Giggler

Jose Vilson Jose 7 Comments

I have these two students, who I’m calling the Mouth and the Giggler. Both of them have garnered notorious reputations as girls who are far too loud for their own …


Soft Like Baby Talc

Jose Vilson Jose 12 Comments

I keep telling some of these “educators” that they can’t tell me nothin’. John Holland recently talked about the differences between urban and suburban education as it concerns one’s demeanor. …

Who’s The Savage?

Jose Vilson 12 Comments

This kid in my school’s about 5’10, Black Latino, raspy voice, and a good 225-235 pounds easily. The first time I ever observed him, I knew he was public enemy …

The Not-So-Reluctant Disciplinarian

Jose Vilson 13 Comments

For any new teacher, I would recommend Gary Rubenstein’s The Reluctant Disciplinarian, a book of one teacher’s journey towards becoming the ultimate disciplinarian. Well, it’s not as fabricated as that, …